Bedu culinary tour in the city of Palembang, Hmm, luscious

11/17/2014 16:49
The arrival of the Bedu comedian in Palembang, South Sumatra disia-siakannya not to explore different angles of the Pempek. Bedu to miss an opportunity to direct the singer shared culinary tour diproduserinya Hanna Lazwardy.

As a daughter, Hanna area invites to enjoy the specialities Bedu Palembang at one of the restaurants. "Then come here not nyoba aja do not equal the Pempek to Palembang," said Hanna as found in Palembang, South Sumatra, Saturday (15/11).

Bedu were directly ordering food so arrived on the scene. The first Menu is the Pempek ordered submarines. Pempek is indeed one of the most well known.

"To the best Pempek are here there are a few places that tell you the most delicious. Fortunately we invite people here (Palembang), so no need to worry not tasty. My message to the submarine, "said Bedu.

Not only that, the Ampera bridge that became the landmark of Palembang could not escape from his visit. On the bridge of the Bedu perpetuate the frenzied activity of the society on the edge of the river Musi.

"Last to the Ampera, Jempat had fun too. But do not get stopped, time budget, "said Bedu.