China Made in order to Learn Pull Noodles

11/17/2014 17:11
Amid the popularity of chicken noodle or chicken noodle Solo, Boyolali culinary entrepreneurs offer concept mi drag scene the boga Solo. To learn to cultivate mi drag popularized Chinese people, it is not a Solo culinary businessmen hesitate to fly directly to the country of origin of that cuisine.

According to the owner of King's La Mian,  Wang Chao Xue, flew to China that he did in order to make pull or la mian noodles in accordance with his original version. A familiar man accosted Willy this feeling had to fly to China to experience the authenticity of the taste of the noodles.

Willy's hobbies are eating and cooking it should learn about two months to make the country Curtain pull noodles bamboo. He learned to directly make mi from a tavern in Chinese noodles. "I have permission to create a menu in Indonesia pull noodles," said Willy when found at the King's La Mian, late October 2014.

He said among residents of Solo, mi drag it belongs new so not many people are familiar with. According to Willy, pull noodles recipes at King's La Mian that feels similar to that in China. Because of that, he still uses beef as a complement because the original recipe also uses beef. Meanwhile, for the broth flavorful beef broth as well as special spices.

No wonder that some people who've been to King's La Mian many commented that it felt similar to what ever they eat while visiting China. "There is absolutely nothing that I change the recipe," he said.

Tavern King's La Mian are open every day except Tuesday from 10.00-21.30 pm, this with the price drop from Rp 18,000 mi-$ 27,000 per serving. Another case with Abdullah, the owner of the stall Mi Drag Mas Doel in the alley North of RS Kustati Unit II, Solo, this. She said the recipe was much influenced its mi people descended from Chinese Muslims who lived in the region bordering Turkey, Sincia.

Of Chinese Descent
In making the appeal, Abdullah mi learned from a descendant of China which also has pull noodles stall in Central Jakarta. "I like to eat from small MI. so if every day make and eat the noodles, I have a problem because the noodles that I made without preservatives and wear good-quality ingredients," says Abdullah.

First, he makes the noodles shaped like noodles in General. However, Abdullah is also innovating by creating flat noodles such as kwetiaw. When presented to the visitor, it turns out that a lot of love. Eventually he entered his flat to pull the noodles menu list.

Abdullah also made innovations by providing the level of spicy noodle dishes on her appeal. He was only wearing a red chili fried in advance and without diulek. "The highest Level of anyone asking for chili to 20 grains. But usually cabainya set aside and not eaten, because the noodles are eaten has tasted very spicy, "said Abdullah.

Mi denotes the attraction also sold quite affordable, ranging from Rp 10,000 to Rp 15,000 per serving. While the spices and tastes, he said, in addition to the typical seasonings Sincia influenced, there are also influences from India and Pakistan. But certainly, when Drop Noodles Mas visit to Doel, pera visitors can freely see directly the production. "But if mi pull I've made nothing too notable to India or Pakistan," he said.