Herbs and how to make Spicy Chicken Recipe Rica Rica Manado

11/23/2014 12:54
How To Cook Chicken Recipes Rica Rica Spicy Original Manado. Wide range of Indonesia indeed cooking recipes is endless. Almost all areas in our country has its own menus and recipes are very tempting. This time, I'll invite friends to make chicken dishes recipes from Manado, North Sulawesi, which has a taste spicy and tasty, the Chicken Dishes Recipes Rica Rica spicy. Make friends who mengetahaui the meaning of Rica, must already know that one of the chicken seasoning rica-rica is dominated by the spicy chili. So for a friend of a friend who happened to not eating spicy hobby at all, maybe you should cultivate the chicken with the other recipes.

Some of us may know and never tasted the fried chicken rica rica in restaurant or Brasserie. Yes, in addition to residents of Manado, delights Recipe chicken rica rica does indeed have a lot of fans and get into the menu a few restaurant famous. Call it chicken recipe rica-rica solaria renowned and sought-after. Indeed besides a sense of spiciness that bitin the tongue, savory and tender chicken meat is well suited to eat rice. Moreover, rice is served still hot. Yummy, definitely makes everyone who try it will be hooked.

Like the other chicken dishes recipes, chicken recipes Rica Rica also uses some sort of spice and seasoning herbs native to Indonesia, such as stalks Lemongrass, chillies, ginger and more. With so many spices spice imports coming in, like onion and garlic, this could affect the flavour of the cuisine rica rica produced. Therefore, in order that the results really deliciously seasoned marinade, preferably the later use, such as onion and garlic should use local ingredients. Of course, the chicken as its main material should also be considered. Use fresh chicken that never freeze so that fiber-fiber flesh does not change and affect the flavor of fried chicken recipes are his. rica rica Okay, for more details, please see the chicken seasoning rica rica and made it's way under Yes.
Chicken Recipes Rica Rica Manado

The main ingredients are all it takes is one medium-size of the chickens. Select fresh chicken. Waste jeroannya and cut into 12-15 parts (depending on taste).
Great medium-size garlic as much as 4 pcs. Peel the skin and puree. If you can use garlic for seasoning local tumisannya.
Local medium-size red onion 8 large pcs. Peel the skin and puree for seasoning tumisannya.
Fruit chili large size medium large meras as much as 18 pcs. Clean wash and puree for seasoning stir fry. The amount could be added or subtracted according to taste.
Red cayenne pepper fruit more or less as much as 6 pcs. Clean wash and puree for sauteed. If the likes of spicy Chili, the number of rawitnya can be added.
Lemongrass stalks ukurang are as much as 2 pcs. Memarkan first before use.
Ginger large size medium as much as approximately 1 pcs. Doesn't need to be peeled, quite bruised or digeprek just so that more meresep with the other seasonings.
Medium-size Orange leaves as many as 7-8 sheets.
Salt to taste more or less as much as one small scoop.
Sugar to taste.
Clean water to taste (more or less 200 cc).
Vegetable oil for frying and sautéing the seasoning to taste.

How To Make Chicken Dishes Recipes Rica Rica Original Spicy

After chicken washed clean and cut according to taste, the first ledge is frying the chicken. Use new and oil over medium heat. Back and forth until half-cooked chicken recently lifted and drained.
Subtract the last oil for frying the chicken and leave the oil to taste for sauteing. Turn on medium low heat and put down a smooth, white onion, cayenne pepper and chili red magnitude.
Stir stir seasoning seasonings on top briefly until fragrant smell.
Add chicken pieces and stir to blend well half-baked briefly stir fry until seasoning into the right flat.
Enter the clean water to taste and stir stir again until all the ingredients are well blended.
Stir in the remaining herbs spices above (stem Lemongrass, ginger, lime leaves, salt and a little sugar). Stir stir again until all baha well blended.
After the chicken really ripe and tender, taste and add salt sugar or a flavor enhancer if needed.
Stir to blend well back until the seasoning marinade seep into the meat of their chickens. Remove and serve into a bowl or platter dish.

How did friends friend how to make chicken recipe Rica Rica above? It was not as difficult as we imagine. It is much easier and practical if we buy so. But if we have a little free time, make chicken dishes recipes rica rica spicy original Manado is also quite engrossing lho. Especially if done in conjunction with other family members. For the other chicken dishes recipes, s