How To Make A Tasty Egg Chicken Fuyunghai Recipe Simple

11/23/2014 12:55
How To Make Chicken Fuyunghai Delicious Recipes. Our country is famous for its culinary heritage. There are many variations of the recipe which has typical flavours at unbeatable prices on the spot and another country. Not only Indonesia, some cooking recipes cooking recipes or cooking Chinese Food which is derived from the Chinese negeara is also widely spread and got a heart in the middle of our society. One of the recipes chicken dishes are pretty much got the fans and became widely known in our country is Fuyunghai cooking recipes. There are several different variations of this recipe, such as flour, recipe fuyunghai fuyunghai fuyunghai egg and shrimp, but this time  I will invite my friends to make Chicken Fuyunghai Cuisine Recipes are simple but it was still tasty and delicious.

Fuyunghai cooking recipes or his original name was Fu yong hai or Egg foo young dishes is one of chinese food which is quite famous in Indonesia. Starting from the seller's premises, even five feet 5-much of which provides the cuisine on this one. Like the original recipe, Tasty Chicken Fuyunghai Recipes also use eggs that didadar as its primary material coupled with the chopped chicken meat into so. In fact their chickens can be replaced with other materials in accordance with the wishes of friends of friends. Can be substituted with chopped shrimp, crab meat, fish or a flour dough mixed with eggs.

Like a recipe capcay who also is one of the variations of Chinese Food recipes are quite famous in our country, fuyunghai chicken eggs is also using a variety of fresh vegetables as a complement. Not only gives you the taste of a fresh and healthy, a mix of cabbage, carrots, red pepper fruit, peas and broccoli also beautify the look of this fuyunghai Chicken Recipe that is served. Of course, as the egg mixture can be replaced, his vegetables were able to adjust to the tastes of friends of friends, such as peppers, green tomatoes, kale and more. In addition, how to make a recipe fuyunghai also is quite simple, so make friends who don't Cook any hobby can easily make delicious egg chicken fuyunghai recipe this myself at home. Okay, for more details, please see the herbs and how to make a simple Chicken Fu yung hai under Yes.
Chicken Fuyunghai Recipe

The main material used is 200 g chicken meat. Select chicken meat that are still fresh and finely chopped for her egg mixture.
Large size eggs as many as 10 pcs. Or there could also replace it with duck egg if liked. Figured out the chaff and shake.
Fresh onion Daung 2 pcs. Clean and wash the small little pieces.
Medium-size fresh carrots as much as approximately 300 grams. Clean, wash, Peel his skin and cut lengthwise small little.
Large size garlic as much as 4 pcs. Cut and chop small little mix for their eggs.
Granulated sugar to taste (more or less as much as half a small spoon).
Beryodium kitchen salt to taste (more or less as much as one small spoon).
Pepper powder or finely ground pepper as much as half a small spoon. May be reduced according to taste.
Fluffy tapioca flour to egg mixture as much as approximately 4 tablespoons.
United Kingdom more or less as much soy sauce 2 small spoons.
Onions medium size as much as more or less 2. His skin peeled and thinly sliced thin (sauce ingredients).
Local medium-size garlic in large quantities of 6 pcs (sauce ingredients).
Good-quality tomato sauce as much as 3-4 tablespoon (sauce ingredients).
Red chili fruit size of as much as 2 pcs. Wash clean and cored them and then cut into thin thin somewhat skewed (sauce ingredients).
Medium-size red tomatoes 4 large pieces. Wash and then puree to saosnya (sauce ingredients).
Beryodium kitchen salt to taste (more or less as much as half a small spoon) (sauce ingredients).
Sweet soy sauce is thick good quality more or less as much as 4 tablespoon (sauce ingredients).
As many as half the fine pepper small spoon. Can be added or subtracted according to taste (sauce ingredients).
More or less as much as Worcestershire sauce 2 tablespoon (sauce ingredients).
Cornstarch to thicken tomato sauce fuyunghai her as much as two tablespoons. Mix with water before it was merged with the other sauce ingredients (sauce ingredients).
Chicken bouillon or less as much as 500-600 ml. can wear powdered instant broth mixed with boiled water (sauce ingredients).
The peas to taste.
Granulated sugar to taste more or less as much as 102 tablespoons.
Oil for sautéing and frying to taste the dough the eggs and seasoning sauce.

How To Make A Simple Chicken Fuyunghai Cuisine Recipes

The first step to do is to make the sauce recipe masakaan fuyunghai him.
Saute the onions together with that already mashed, onions and chili which was cut in slices with a flames were small. Stir stir briefly until t