Special soy sauce chicken recipe ingredients and how to make

11/23/2014 12:53
How to make a Special soy sauce chicken recipe is delicious. Based on the latest data are floating around, the level of consumption of chicken meat in the middle of our society increasingly recorded increases. Not just grilled chicken, fried chicken, chicken stews recipes, chicken recipes or butter chicken satay, many variations of the recipe to cook a chicken that is circulating in our midst. Make a friend who happens to be a hobby of cooking sweet and contain soy sauce, this time we will invite friends to make chicken recipe a tasty soy sauce seasoning and marinade to seep into his flesh. In addition to the sweet soy sauce, which became its main ingredients, this time we will also be using some sort of seasoning to add to the deliciousness of the chicken dishes this time, such as Worcestershire sauce, ginger and other spices.

Yes, the price is quite affordable besides communities in all groups, nutrient content in chicken meat was indeed pretty good for our bodies. Call it the energy and protein, calcium is a necessary substance for health. Of course, the chicken meat also contains several kinds of vitamins, such as vitamin B, folate, vitamin C and more. In addition to that of course it tastes good also became one of the factors why the poultry is very popular in the middle of our society. To that end, in addition to friends is well suited to eat rice, tasty soy sauce chicken recipe with ginger we will create this time is also helpful for the health of our body.

In addition to using some sort of soy sauce is nice and thick as the material soy chicken recipe, we recommend that you also use chicken meat that is still fresh. Friend of a friend can use chicken or chicken meat pieces, which are essential conditions for its still good and fresh. Use of soy sauce that is thick and good quality because here one of the key ingredients is ketchup. For brands, friends can use any favorite family, such as ketchup, bango, ABC Gold or more. Tips on how to make a delicious soy sauce chicken recipe is the process of pemasakannya. Use a low heat so his seasoning spices seeped into his flesh. Okay, for more details, please see the herbs and how to make it under Yes.
Seasoning Soy Sauce Chicken Recipe

The main material used is 1 medium-size of the chickens. Use fresh chicken. If you use chicken pieces, preferably freshly cut really, not the frozen chicken.
The chicken to taste 10-14 pieces and wash it clean before use. Make sure there is no dirt and blood that was still attached to.
Local onions the size of as much as 12 pcs. Peel the skin and cut into thin thin so easy to fry later.
Large size garlic as much as 2 pcs. Cut the peel and thinly sliced thin for seasoning tumisannya.
Sweet soy sauce is thick or less as much as 10-11 tablespoons. Use a good quality soy sauce and really thick so that the result is more delicious.
United Kingdom to boost the sauce food more or less as much as 1 sndok eating alone.
Ginger peeled approximately 5 cm. cut and chop small little so pervasive and more easily mixed with other herbs.
Spicy chilli sauce more or less as much as 1 tablespoon. When eating spicy hobby friends, can be added as well as some pcs red cayenne pepper.
Good-quality tomato sauce about 2 tablespoons.
Finely ground pepper or pepper powder to taste (more or less just as much as a half a small spoon or a teaspoon).
Beryodium kitchen salt to taste.
The water from the juice of one lime medium-size large.
Clean water to taste.
Oil to taste for seasoning the chicken flavoring soy sauce sauteing it.

How To Make Delicious Soy Sauce Marinade Chicken Recipe

The first step that we used to do was boil their until half cooked.
After daginga pieces of chicken washed, flush water juice of lemon to the top of the meat pieces and stir to blend well using their hands so well blended.
Give sprinkles salt to taste (more or less about a tablespoon). Stir to blend well using chicken hands so well blended salt and let stand briefly (approximately 13-15 minutes).
Prepare a stew pot over medium heat and give water to taste. Wait for it to boil and add the chicken pieces on top. Occasional stirring stir then let the chicken until the meat is half done continues to drain.
Prepare a frying pan and a little oil for sautéing bumbunya.
Turn on medium heat and stir in chopped onion and sliced white onion. Stir stir until fragrant smell tumisannya.
Enter an already chopped ginger on top and stir briefly with stir fry seasoning before (enter also when diperluka cayenne pepper slices to taste the spiciness).
Stir in sweet soy sauce and soy sauce English. Stir to blend well until all ingredients are well blended.
Stir in 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce and sesend