Sweet Sour Pineapple chicken recipes and how to make

11/23/2014 12:51
How to make a Sweet Sour chicken recipe with pineapple easy. One of the most popular foodstuffs in our country is the chicken meat. Yes, one of these types of livestock poultry animal did have many benefits. Besides their meat, which can be used for a variety of chicken dishes recipes, her eggs has become one of the ingredients of various kinds of bread and cake recipes. This time, we will try one of the recipes that use Indonesia cuisine chicken meat as the main ingredient, namely, Sweet Sour chicken cooking recipes. Possible friends more often heard of fried chicken, butter chicken recipe rica-rica, chicken recipes, chicken, spicy sour sauce, sweet spicy chicken and more. Yes, actually the Sweet Sour recipe can also be used for Sweet Sour fish, Sweet Sour duck or the other, but this time we will make Sweet Sour spicy chicken with pineapple.

Make friends who have never tried the chicken dishes recipes this one, seen from its name (Sweet Sour pineapple chicken) would have been kebayang it how it feels Indonesia food recipes on this one. A fusion of taste his sauce consisting of a sour taste of pineapple fruit combined with sweetness and spiciness in the guarantee definitely makes our tongue wiggling. Like the chicken dishes with the other sauce, Sweet Sour spicy chicken recipe is perfect for shared a white rice eaten still warm. Create a hobby that just happens to eat spicy sambal, also suitable for hearty complement. But if you want, my friend can add sliced red chillies and chilli spicy curly to  give the desired spicy flavor sensation. For a more practical friend friends can also use chilli sauce quality so that more practical. It could also add powdered pepper to really eat spicy hobby.

As the name suggests, this recipe uses sweet sour sauce combined with chunks of chicken meat that has been fried first so that the drier. Sweet Sour chicken recipes using ingredients and culinary herbs native to Indonesia which was already famous for its typical taste and flavour is delicious. Using the pineapple to give it a sour sweetness coupled with the juice of lemon and sweet orange juice that comes from the juice of sweet orange gives a special taste and typical recipes of this sweet sour chicken dishes. Of course, to get a perfect result, one of her tips is to use quality ingredients and still fresh. Use a good quality chicken was fresh and other materials quality is really good. Okay, for more details, please, saw how to make pineapple Sweet Sour chicken below Yes.
Sweet Sour Pineapple Chicken Recipe

The main ingredients needed are a chickens without giblets medium-size large. Clean chicken and cut into pieces 8-12 pieces to taste.
Pineapple fruit size is as much as 1 piece. Peel the skin was a bit small and cut in small (can be triangular or rectangular smaller).
Salt beryodium as 6 small spoon or a teaspoon. 4 spoon mixture to chicken meat and the rest to make a sweet sour sauce.
Medium-size garlic as much as 10 large cloves. 6 pcs of chicken mixture and mashed for 4 pcs in memarkan enough to make sweet sour sauce recipe.
The juice of the lime juice as much as approximately 4 tablespoons. Half portion for the chicken meat is seared at and the rest of the sauce ingredients.
Medium-size onions 4 pcs. His skin peeled and thinly sliced thin for seasoning sauce (sauce ingredients).
Water extract of sweet orange as much as 400 ml. can be extracted from the juice of sweet citrus fruits so much healthier (sauce ingredients).
Nice quality as much as tomato sauce 6 tablespoons. Use a reputable brand so that the result is more delicious (sauce ingredients).
Clean granulated sugar as much as approximately 2 tablespoon (sauce ingredients).
Peas for garnish sauce as much as approximately 80-100 grams (sauce ingredients).
Ginger ukurang big is as much as 2 adult finger segment. His skin peeled and thinly sliced thin potluck so more aroma out (sauce ingredients).
Less more cornstarch 4 teaspoons. Dissolve and mix with a little water so that the sauce is thicker (sauce ingredients).
As many as 2 tablespoons of margarine (sauce ingredients).
Pieces of red pepper and cayenne pepper to taste to taste when curly like spicy (can be omitted if don't like spicy).
Cooking oil to taste for seasoning sauce and sauteing meat frying their chickens.

How To Make A Sweet Sour Chicken

The first step is to process their chickens for meat. Take a small container and insert the garlic already crushed, the lemon water and salts. Mix and stir all ingredients until blended.
Pour and rub chicken meat that has been cut with a solution of the above material material until all parts are exposed. Stir to blend well so that all the pieces really well blended.
Let stand briefly during 14-18 meni